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Weddings in India are synonymous with various customs and rituals. Indian Wedding customs and traditions are considered to be sacred affairs and observed with great reverence. These things are part of Indian tradition for a very long time and inherited over the generations. In recent times also these customs have not changed much but have adopted a new face with al its basic tenets. This thing adds an icing to the already beautiful cake of marriage.

Weddings in Udaipur

The much awaited occasion of wedding makes grooms exults with joy and brides blush with grace. It is the occasion where everything is expected to be nothing less than perfect. When it comes to the wedding venue; every couple to get hitched looks for exotic venues like palace, forts or luxury hotels to make the nuptials a special moment. With numerous wedding venues in Udaipur, the city of lakes has becomes the darling of couples with dream in eyes and love in heart.

This former kingdom of Mewar in Rajasthan has been beautifully sculpted by nature and further beautified by the successive rulers to make it an envied destination in this land of kings, nobles and chieftains. All these magnificent palaces and forts seems to be offering a red carpet welcome to the couples who comes here to take seven vows around holy fire. These Udaipur wedding venues mixes old world regal charm with new world comforts to adore couples with regality in a style.

These former palaces of kings have been beautifully transformed into heritage hotels which make ideal venues for weddings in Udaipur. A large number of weddings in Udaipur hotels are solemnized in hotels like Shikarbadi, Fateh Prakash Palace, Fateh Prakash Palace and The Leela Palace Kempinski. You can also give your weddings a splash of regality by tying the knots here.
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